APS attends the Dublin IP Summit

What is the Dublin IP Summit

The 2 day Intellectual Property and Research & Design Conference brought together major players from the worlds of business, Intellectual Property and Research and Design. The first day was an industry workshop and the second day was a seminar with a program of panel discussions.

The Summit has previously been partnered with many IP, legal and technology sponsors from round the world including: Enterprise Ireland, the government body responsible for innovation in the region, with a 3,500+ strong membership of IP owners including Start ups, SMEs and Corporates.

The IP Commercialisation Workshop was held on the Tuesday.

These were the headings

Creation – Finding solutions, adapting previous innovations, third parties, open source, uniqueness and the inventive step

Capturing – Communications, recording/documenting, policies, searching, decision-making, acquiring, sale and transfer agreements

Protection – Publication, trade secrets, patents, copyright, commercial strategies, costs/budgets, timescales, benchmarking

Valuation – Why, what, how and when to value intangible assets. A brief overview to increase your understanding of intangible assets

Exploitation – Licencing, sales, patent pools, patent box, investor discussions, commercial strategies and Mergers & Acquisitions

The conference host panel and stand alone sessions on stage in addition to a shared networking and exhibition space where innovation professionals will interact and share experiences from these two interconnected verticals in the innovation economy. The conference is hosted at the Convention Centre in the centre of Dublin; once a date for 2023 is formally confirmed, we will notify you.

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