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Getting to grips once and for all with the sea lice menace – The Irish Times

Sea lice are a bit like fleas–a fact of life, but not something most people want to talk about. Salmon farmers have no choice. Sea lice are a naturally occurring parasite with the power to wipe out their livelihoods. Sea lice are ectoparasites that attach to a salmon’s skin. They feed off its mucus and […]

Atlantic Photonic Solutions is selected as one of the top 20 European companies about to make an impact on our food

Founded in Castlebar, Co. Mayo in 2018 Atlantic Photonic Solutions has developed a fish-friendly light that aims to remove sea lice from farmed salmon. Sea lice has become a major problem in the salmon farming industry, with Ireland, Scotland and Norway cited as having critical lice populations. Led by managing director Rory Casey, the start-up […]

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