Excellent test results achieved by APS testing in Moredun Scientific – Feb 2022

Atlantic Photonic Solutions carried out successful safety testing in Scotland at the end of 2021.

The tests were carried out in Marine Scotland facility in Aberdeen under the auspices of Moredun Scientific.

Moredun Scientific is a contract research organisation specialising in animal health and aquaculture product development and biosafety testing of biopharmaceuticals.

The purpose of the test was to confirm that the APS treatment was not causing any harm to the fish being treated. The test was conducted on blemish free fish provided by Marine Scotland. They were treated in specific locations and monitored for 72 hours after treatment. A control group were handled identically, but with the lights switched off.

After 72 hours, histopathology samples were taken for the treated areas and sent for imaging. Similar samples were taken from the control fish. All samples were sent to a specialist for blind comparison. The specialist was not able to tell the treated samples from the untreated samples.

APS are very satisfied with the results as this supports all of their laboratory research over the past year. The next step is to repeat a similar procedure but with sealice on the fish – to determine the lice removal efficacy.

APS plan to hold this testing towards the end of 2022.

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